Innovation, Daring, Resilience
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The European-based MBA program CDI believes in the future, investing in people who can make the difference: brilliant, young, and ambitious minds questions the status quo with innovative ideas and new approaches.

A thriving network of top companies leverages on the CDI factor and regularly employs our Alumni at the end of their intensive business education.


Our mission is to nourish the valuable network which keeps growing intake by intake and keep exercising the core values of CDI: Innovation, Responsibility, Respect, Resilience, Daring, Altruism.

Our vision is to make the intrinsic value of such a diverse, distributed, and rich network accessible, fostering a lifelong intellectual and emotional connection between the School and its graduates.

The Alumni CDI Italia network

Our Alumni are a pool of over 200 professionals, working in over 30 industries and all around the world. We embrace a pay-it-forward culture, we trust in sharing ideas and knowledge.
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Collège des Ingénieurs

Founded in 1986 in Paris to take advantage of the dynamic global economy that was emerging , Collège des Ingénieurs (CDI) is an international and independent institution for post-graduate education. Completely financed by industries, CDI operates in France, Germany, and Italy, all rooted on the vision “Learning through action".

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News & Events

Welcome on board!

We are excited to welcome to the Alumni Network the Fellows from the September 2017 Intake. The Graduation took place on 29th of June in the city of Paris.

New alumni brand

Alumni SAFM becomes Alumni CDI Italia following the school in the internationalisation process fully adhering to the French Network Collège des Ingénieurs as Collège des Ingénieurs Italia.

Enriching fellow experience

We thank Alex, Pietro and Pietro for their pay-it-forward attitude through sharing their expertise on the 6th June masterclass with the current CDI Fellows.

CDI launches SEI

Collège des Ingénieurs Italia has collaborated with relevant academics and industrial partners to found the "School of Entrepreneurship & Innovation".
Partners & Friends

CDI Italia Alumni benefits by default of CDI Italia Corporate and Academic partners. Additionally, other post-MBA partnerships are undertaken and strengthened directly from CDI Italia Alumni.

This is the case of NOVA, a network of more than 2000 Italian Fellows and Alumni from top world M.B.A. (Harvard Business School, Chicago Booth, MIT Sloan Management, Wharton, London Business School, Yale School of Management, Columbia Business School) operating with the objective to contribute to italian businesses success and to the development of a strong network of top managers and entrepreneurs.

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